Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Marriage Hit By New Tragedy, “AI” Judge’s Father Succumbs To Cancer

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Marriage Hit By New Tragedy

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Marriage Hit By New Tragedy, “AI” Judge’s Father Succumbs To Cancer

Keith Urban may seemingly be getting a lot of support from his marriage to Nicole Kidman and the fans as he mourns the death of his father, Robert.

As reported by People magazine, the older Urban has been battling cancer for years and has been placed into hospice care days prior to his death. Amid the new struggle in his life, the “American Idol” judge thanked all the people who has sent them their love and prayers.
“I’ve been deeply touched by the outpouring of love and support that [Nicole Kidman] and I, and our family, have received since my Dad’s passing on Saturday night,” Keith Urban stated in a statement to the source above amid the new struggle he’s facing after all the marriage rumors recently.
“His long battle with cancer is now over and he is finally at peace,” he further said.
As told by Fox News , Robert Urban has been the man to have awaken Keith’s interest in country music.
“My dad’s love of country music and America set me on my life’s journey, and shaped so much of who I am today,” the “American Idol” judge said.
This is the second death that has hit the country singer and his “Photograph 51” wife in recent years. More than a year ago, the Oscar-winning actress’ father Anthony Kidman also died after a bad fall in Singapore as reported by USA Today .
Just last month, the “Photograph 51” actress dedicated her award for her London stage comeback to her late father.
“This is my way of acknowledging him, but also of acknowledging people in science who quietly go about their work and do things and go unacknowledged a lot of the time,” the Oscar-winning actress said in her acceptance speech as cited by Us Weekly . “He knew I was going to do it, so I would like to think he is somewhere offering support.”
The latest death to have hit Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s marriage came in the wake of divorce and cheating rumors. Although they have not addressed them, the couple apparently remain strong with the “American Idol” judge even gushing about his wife just a few days ago.
“Nicole, God bless you for coming in and seeing something in me, that I may never have seen, but certainly if I ever had, I had long lost sight of that person,” the “American Idol” judge told Taste of Country during the exhibit opening in Nashville last Dec. 1.

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