KBS2’s “Chief Kim” is Ferocious Satire Of Korean Society, Dominate Ratings!

KBS2’s “Chief Kim” is Ferocious Satire Of Korean Society

KBS2’s “Chief Kim” is Ferocious Satire Of Korean Society, Dominate Ratings!

KBS2’s “Chief Kim” reportedly is leading ratings despite the absence of a captivating title or the cynicisms that followed the term office comedy. The high rating is possibly because of Namgoong Min’s hilarious and intense acting. “Chief Kim” is apparently a ferocious satire of Korea’s current society. According to Viki , “Chief Kim” revolves around whether corporate politics can turn a bad person into a good person. Namgoong Min portrays Sung Pyong or Chief Kim, a skilled accountant who joins a company with the intention of embezzling money. He finds himself entangled in office politics. Gradually he comes to comprehend that he would rather fight corporate corruption and battle for employees’ rights rather than complete his original mission.

“Chief Kim” directly reflects realities of Korean society with humor and satire, writer Park Jae Bum’s dialogue really hits home with viewers, says Soompi . Accordingly, the combination of straightforward lines and Namgoong Min’s acting is creating wonders in this drama. The following are reportedly some of Chief Kim’s most memorable quotes from episode one:   “You know what the most beautiful part of human relationships is? Splitting the pot. What’s the one trend that never changes in Korea? It’s stealing money! There’s not one corner of Korea that’s not rotten…” says Chief Kim when he is convincing a night club manager that he should not be afraid to turn people off. “Bravery? Bullshit. Korean companies can’t make money if they don’t play tricks. And Koreans. They’ll spew shit about the unfair society and whatnot and then turn right around to call whistleblowers traitors….” This is a scene wherein Chief Kim’s secretary Gwang Sook sees an article about a whistleblower and comments on how brave he was.   “Principles and attitudes need to be corrected. You only steal already stolen money. Only steal dirty money. That way they can’t report you either.” This scene from episode one is when Chief Kim teaches Gwang Sook how to safely steal money.  

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