Katie Price Displays More Selfies With Baby ; Insists She Keeps ‘Bunny’ Baby Name Amidst Criticisms

Katie Price’s selfies with her newborn Bunny are getting higher in number this week as the criticisms for her name selection got louder and louder.

The former Glamour model has announced her baby’s name on September 15 and since then it has received lots of criticisms and mockery most notably from Celebrity Juice host Katie Hopkins.

A serious face of the 36-year old businesswoman bearing one of her shoulders exposing a nice tan, her blonde is pulled in a careless bun can be seen in her latest selfie with her fifth baby on her lap.

She captioned it saying: “love Bunny cuddles” In her recent entry in her column in Now magazine, she said “Bunny is an old-fashioned name and I love it.

Some may ridicule our choice and some will love it.

I really don’t care to be honest.” Further, she told her readers that she is not the only one making the decision but also her husband Kieran Hayler like what they did to the name of their second child.

“Kieran and I chose Bunny and Jett’s names together, just like Pete and I chose Junior and Princess’s names together; Harvey is named after my grandad.” In Yougossip, Katie loads lots of baby pictures to update her fans of her baby’s growth.

She also explained there why she chose Bunny as the new baby name saying that the name connotes everything that describes the newborn, “soft, cut, unique” and “fun”.

An article in OK Magazine further tells readers how Peter Andre’s ex selected her baby’s name saying that she keeps a list including “Duchess, Katie Lady, Disney, Precious, Bambi, Ethel and Peggy”.

How she came out with her final decision? She tells OK magazine: “I wanted to call her Duchess Kate or just Duchess, but Kieran didn’t like that, so we’ve chosen Bunny, which we both like.

It’s really cute isn’t it?” Meanwhile, Peter Andre has a thing to say about his ex-wife’s choice of baby names.

Said in an interview on Magic FM, the singer tells the side of her daughter, Princess Tiaamii saying: “Princess is telling me that she doesn’t want me to call her Princess and she doesn’t like the colour pink anymore, all of a sudden she wants everything blue.”    

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