Kate Upton Faces Another Controversy Following Nude Photo Leak; Michelle Rodriguez’s Ex Cara Delevingne ‘Irritated’ With Justin Verlander’s Girlfriend?

Kate Upton faces another controversy following the nude photo leak as she’s reportedly feuding with Michelle Rodriguez’s ex Cara Delevingne who, in turn, is allegedly irritated with Justin Verlander’s girlfriend.

According to a report from Classical Lite , Michelle Rodriguez’s ex Cara Delevingne is reportedly irked by the attention that Kate Upton is getting for her curves.

“Cara gets so irritated when Kate books high-fashion jobs…She finds her look trashy,” a source told OK! Magazine per Classical Lite .

“It doesn’t help that they’re both trying to break into acting, [but] Kate doesn’t find Cara pretty at all and thinks the only reason she made it this far is due to family connections.” Justin Verlander’s girlfriend, Kate Upton, has been the subject of a nude photo leak, along with a host of other celebrities, in what has been dubbed as “The Fappening.” Kate Upton’s nude photo leak showed her in various states of undress and some of the photos even showed a naked Justin Verlander as well.

Earlier article from OK! revealed that despite some criticisms about her fuller figure, Justin Verlander’s girlfriend couldn’t care less.

“Kate takes her modeling career seriously, but she feels beautiful with a little extra weight on.

She also loves food and doesn’t beat herself up over having a slice of pizza every now and then,” a source told the magazine.

“I love my boobs, and I’m proud of my size.

That’s an important message to young girls: Love who you are and be proud of who you are,” she said in an interview with the magazine.

Amid the Kate Upton’s nude photo leak, the model will appear totally naked in Russell James’ new book called “Angels,” which will feature Victoria’s Secret models, said  Mirror .

“The black and white shoot sees model and actress Kate lay flat out on a thick fur rug, showing off her curvy bum and tiny waist in all its glory,” it said in describing Justin Verlander’s girlfriend’s photo.

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