Kate Middleton’s Post-Partum Depression Evident In Prince William’s Wife’s Choice Of Charity?

Kate Middleton's Post-Partum Depression Evident In Prince William's Wife's Choice Of Charity?

Kate Middleton's Post-Partum Depression Evident In Prince William's Wife's Choice Of Charity?

Rumors about a post-partum depression have hounded Kate Middleton following the birth of Princess Charlotte.
Now the tabloids are speculating that her choice of charitable organization to support is evidence of her post-partum depression.

“The Duchess’s choices for charities to patronize seem to mirror those of the late Princess Diana’s secret struggle,” said Celebrity Dirty Laundry . “She too became increasingly involved with charities that were silently exposing her battles with depression, bulimia, self-esteem and feelings of isolation and unworthiness.”
Kate Middleton also lent her voice to Place 2 Be, which supports the Children’s Mental Health Week on Feb. 16-22.
In the Place 2 Be clip, the Duchess of Cambridge said, “Both William and I have seen that many young people are struggling to cope with the impacts of bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown and more. Without support the effects of these challenges can be traumatic. Leading to issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction and self-harm.”
It’s been reported that Kate Middleton has ducked several royal commitments as Prince William’s wife is allegedly suffering post-partum depression following the birth of daughter, Princess Charlotte.
Daily Mail  reported that Queen Elizabeth herself convinced Kate Middleton to come out of her self-imposed hiatus to attend an official function on Sept. 9 when she becomes the longest-reigning monarch.
“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be with the Queen at Balmoral on September 9. They will attend a family dinner that Her Majesty will give that evening,” the article said.
It added, “Kate’s invitation follows a deep tribute that William paid to the Queen in the foreword to a biography of Her Majesty by former Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd, which is being published to coincide with the historic date.”
The Palace has not released any statement confirming or denying the post-partum depression rumors that hounded the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

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