Kate Middleton Baby Girl Names Might Be In the Hands of Queen Elizabeth; Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant Again; Kate Middleton Baby Names Twice As Hard With Twins?

Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant again.

In the latest Royal baby bump news.

Kate Middleton could be expecting twins.

  Kate Middleton baby girl names are being sorted double time as it is reported that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again.Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly want to name one of their daughters Diana but Queen Elizabeth reportedly requested that the twin girls be named Elizabeth and Margaret. 

The Globe reported a royal insider saying “They’ve already told the ailing queen they believe it’s a girl,” an “inside source.

[They] asked for her permission to name their baby Elizabeth.” The Kate Middleton baby due date has not been announced, but according to CelebDirtyLaundry, Prince William and Kate Middleton maybe welcoming twin baby girls.

A Kensington Palace insider told the National Enquirer “An ultrasound test performed around the six-week mark of her pregnancy indicated the presence of two heartbeats! If she is pregnant with twins, this may make her nausea more severe.

The major danger of carrying twins is premature delivery.

Other possible complications include hypertension and pre-eclampsia.”According to estimates, Duchess of Cambridge will give birth to a second royal baby in April.

  The Globe newspaper in the U.K.

reported that the Duchess of Cambridge can’t deal with her nasty mother-in-law while she is suffering through a difficult pregnancy.

Kate Middleton was forced to cancel her first solo royal tour to Malta because of the morning sickness.

The Duke, Prince William, went in her place.

  OK! Magazine reported that Kate Middleton is about 10 weeks pregnant.

Prince George will have a sibling sometime around April.

E! News quoted an insider saying “They are so excited that George will be getting a younger brother or sister next April and Kate’s just bravely fighting through this unwell stage under the guidance of palace doctors.” Reports say Prince William explained to Maltese President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca “Unfortunately you have me…Kate’s very disappointed she couldn’t be here today.”  Kensington Palace told Us Weekly “Her Royal Highness continues to suffer from the effects of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

The decision not to visit was taken by the Duke and Duchess on the advice of the Duchess’s doctors.” According to People magazine, Prince William told an English tourist who asked about the Duchess “She’s so-so, she’s up and down at the moment.”  

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