Kate Beckinsale And Theo James Returning For ‘Underworld 5’

Kate Beckinsale And Theo James Returning For 'Underworld 5'
Kate Beckinsale And Theo James Returning For 'Underworld 5'

“Insurgent” actor Theo James and series star Kate Beckinsale are returning for “Underworld 5.” Back in March, James told Screen Rant that he wasn’t returning for the fifth installment of the vampire vs.

werewolf series.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter , the actor who has a brief role in 2012’s “Underworld: Awakening” is indeed reprising his role.

Last year, news of an “Underworld” reboot surfaced, with Cory Goodman (Priest, The Last Witch Hunter) penning the script.

Little is known about the movie’s plot except that it will focus on a younger generation of vampires and werewolves.

Anna Foerter will be directing the film, marking the first time a woman is helming the female-led action-horror series.

Foerster’s include working as a director of photograpy in Roland Emmerich’s “The Day After Tomorrow” and as a director with TV shows “Army Wives, “Criminal Minds,” “Madam Secretary and “Unforgettable.” Filming is scheduled to star this fall in the Czech Republic capital of Prague, targetting an August-September 2016 release.

But according to Screen Rant: “given the series’ historical release window of January however, it’s also possible extensive post-production and VFX work pushes it to January 2017.” The first film released in 2003 and has spawned three sequels: “Underworld: Evolution” (2006), “Underworlds: Rise of The Lycans” (2009), and the latest installment “Underworld: Awakening,” (2012) which is also the most successful installment to date with $160 million worldwide gross.

The franchise has a total gross of $458.2 million.

The plot of the first film revolved around a clandestine group of aristocratic vampires and their bitter blood feud with the Lycans (werewolves).

The balance of power in the city is disturbed when Selene (Beckinsale), falls in love with Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), a man who is turned into a werewolf.

Selene and Michael go on the run as both sides hunt them down.

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