Kahi Gets ‘Fab Abs’ Back Just 5 Months After Giving Birth!

Kahi Gets 'Fab Abs' Back Just 5 Months After Giving Birth!

Kahi Gets 'Fab Abs' Back Just 5 Months After Giving Birth!

  Singer Kahi just got her fab abs back in just 5 months! The singer recently uploaded a video of her in her Instagram account showing her envy-worthy abs. According to Koreaboo , Kahi gave birth to a healthy boy five months ago in October 7, 2016. The baby boy was named Noah, the first born of Kahi and husband Yang Joon Moo. Since then, Kahi has lost her slim figure. Before she knew it, stretch marks and fat covered up her fabulous abs. Nevertheless, the singer stepped up and got back shed those accumulated fats.
Kahi started working out again one month after she gave birth. She uploaded a picture on Instagram of hear sporting her sports bra and leggings to tell her fans she’s working to get her slim figure back. Kahi’s caption in the Instagram photo stated that she has started doing pilates a week ago. She states that her condition is good even after giving birth just a month ago. She later added that exercise is an important thing to do in life. Five months later on Tuesday, March 21, Soompi reports that Kahi uploaded a video in her Instagram account. To the fans’ surprise, Kahi’s slim figure is back! She even got more toned arms now compared to before she got pregnant with Noah. “Today there’s another photoshoot! Everyone, let’s workout. I worked out because my mom used to help me but I now know that working out at home is equally or more important than working out outside,” captioned Kahi’s video. Kahi just proved to every mother out there that just because they have a baby to take care of now, doesn’t mean they can’t take care of their bodies anymore. Kahi also showed everyone how important, and not to mention beneficial, exercise is. Kudos to you, Kahi!    

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