K-Pop’s Best Live Radio Performances

K-Pop's Best Live Radio Performances

K-Pop's Best Live Radio Performances

K-Pop idols always perform on a variety of music programs in order to show off their skills and mainly their vocal talent. However, everyone knows the radio is the only way to hear their raw vocals perfectly! Check out these idols who stunned us with their perfect singing on live radio programs! Girl’s Day’s hit song “Something” is even more enticing as they outshine the studio version with this live performance.
GOT7 send our hearts soaring into the skies as they effortlessly sing “Fly” and hit every note! The fun-loving girls of Red Velvet get a little bit silly as they perform “Dumb Dumb Dumb” live on the radio! Definitely, a tricky song to perform! BTOB let everyone know that they will “Be Your Man” over the radio. Can’t get any more romantic! Who wouldn’t want to hear the sultry, sexy voices of Girls’ Generation on the radio as they sing so alluringly? B.A.P really do show “No Mercy” as they slay their hit song on this radio program! EXID heat things up on the radio with their performance of “Hot Pink.” “Rainy Days” comes to life with the magical voices of Highlight. The Wonder Girls ask why we are “So Lonely” as they sing their latest track with great energy!

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