K-Pop Wardrobe Must-Have: Jessica & Yuri’s V-Neck Varsity Sweater

K-Pop Wardrobe Must-Have: Jessica & Yuri's V-Neck Varsity Sweater
K-Pop Wardrobe Must-Have: Jessica & Yuri's V-Neck Varsity Sweater

A good sweater is a star for all seasons.

When worn right and paired with the right items, a trendy sweater will add plus points to your daily wear.

This V-Neck Varsity Sweater spiked a trend this year for its chic design and irresistible comfort.

What’s more, it can be styled in various pays—just pick a theme and work your way from there.

We saw these looks on two fashionistas: Jessica and Yuri.

Yuri wore this item in HIGH CUT Magazine’s March release, while Jessica rocked this dress in Marie Claire’s upcoming June issue.

Both ladies had different takes on this v-neck varsity sweater, showing just how versatile this piece can be.

Yuri went for a more feminine and preppy look, pairing the varsity sweater with layered crepe shorts from Chloé.

She keeps it very simple, yet very chic at the same time.

Jessica, however, went for a more fashion-forward statement by going for an immaculate all-white ensemble.

From the plunging v-neckline, Jessica’s wide-leg pants from 8seconds add more structure to the look.

She completes her attire with a pair of cute white brogues.

The v-neck varsity sweater is a hot item this year and many clothing brands have produced their own version of it.

We listed our picks and arranged them according to the weight on its price tag so you can conveniently pick your budget.

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