K-Pop Stateside Media (Week of September 23)

IU Releases a Sexy Teaser Music Video Popdust had a section about IU’s sultry teaser video titled “Between the Lips” and explained how she has really grown up over the years.

The music teaser is sexy which really shows that she is mature and not a little girl anymore.

It will be interesting to see IU perform as she makes her comeback on October 7th! Bekah, former After School Member Explains about the Realities of a K-Pop Star Billboard sat down with former After School member Bekah to ask about the life of being a K-Pop star.

Bekah explained about the grueling long hours and that lots of hard work is put.

She also emphasized that they do not even get enough sleep due to the stars practicing.

With all the hard work as well as hours put, Bekah is still loved by her fans and said that she might sing again either by going solo or joining After School again.

Let’s see what Bekah decides to do in the coming months.

G-Dragon is More Preferred in the US The Harvard Crimson had a section that explained how G-Dragon is more popular compared to all the other stars that came to the United States to promote their songs.

Even though PSY and his “Gangnam Style” was popular, it did get old and died in the US.

The article goes on to explain what G-D does right in order to keep fans interested and not get bored.

One is that he changes it up every time he makes his return; his fans does not know what he will do differently to change his character or persona.

K-Pop: The Movie Might be at KCON Next Year SBWire caught up with the crews for “K-Pop: The Movie” and explained how the crew wants to be at next years KCON event as well as even premiere the movie on that same day the event is held.

So will they be there? The answer right now is maybe.

Fans of K-Pop will just have to wait as more information comes up.

Bradley Ray Moore and his Rise to Stardom Noisey which is a blog had a special article regarding about group member Busker Busker Bradley Ray Moore on how he became famous.

The blog explains that him and his fiancé went to South Korea to teach kindergartens English.

Little did he know that his career will change when Hyung-Tae Kim asked Moore to join his band Busker Busker because he knew that he played the drums.

Then Beom-Jun Jang joined soon after.

Though the article does a great job of explaining how Moore rose to stardom as well as the other two.

Busker Busker is growing again and fans in South Korea cannot wait for their return which will be in the first month of October.

Soyu and Mad Clown are Number 1 on the Billboard charts! Finally, Soyu and Mad Clown have reached number one on the Billboard charts! With their hit song “Stupid in Love,” fans have voted by putting this duo on the top! Popdust had a section about this two and explained that while Soyu and Mad Clown are feeling good since they are on top, Ladies’ Code are slowly climbing up by being currently at number 16 with their song “Pretty Pretty.” But for now, Soyu and Mad Clown are the top news.

Congratulations to them!

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