K-Pop It Item Alert: Tiffany And Sooyoung’s Maje Lace Long Sleeved Top

K-Pop It Item Alert: Tiffany And Sooyoung's Maje Lace Long Sleeved Top
K-Pop It Item Alert: Tiffany And Sooyoung's Maje Lace Long Sleeved Top

Having been together for years, the members of Girls’ Generation seem to have a good sense of each other’s individual style to the point that they’re sometimes spotted wearing the same pieces.

Girls’ Generation’s resident fashionistas, Sooyoung and Tiffany, will have a fashion face-off in this delicate lace piece from Maje.

Sooyoung and Tiffany were both spotted wearing the Laponie Lace Top ($295.00 USD)  from French fashion house Maje.

This very feminine piece is a perfect match shorts and slim jeans, and can be worn as a day wear or an office wardrobe staple.

Sooyoung was first spotted wearing this article in Marie Claire’s May 2015 issue, when she modeled for the Bvlgari’s latest collection of bags and accessories.

It made another appearance when it was worn by Tiffany during TaeTiSeo’s cameo appearance as themselves in the new KBS drama series “The Producers”.

Lace outfits are a big hit this year, and is very well appropriate for the summer season.

Despite its sheer simplicity, a single lace outfit can complete a whole look in an effortless and classy manner without that much of a cost.

As seen in the photo above, a lace piece needs no further accessorizing since it is a statement piece in itself.

Since the Maje Laponie Lace Top as worn by Sooyoung and Tiffany is a bit pricey, we’ve searched for some similar pieces at reasonable prices so that you too can rock this look.


Forever 21Sheer Floral Lace  – $13.80 USD 2.

Forever 21 Crochet Lace Top  – $14.80 USD 3.

Topshop Boxy Lace Top  – £38.00 4.

H&M Lace Top – $24.95 USD

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