K-Pop Dominates Billboard World Chart With IU, Minzy, Jonghyun And Hyukoh

K-Pop Dominates Billboard World Chart With IU

K-Pop Dominates Billboard World Chart With IU, Minzy, Jonghyun And Hyukoh

The weekly “Billboard’s World Album” chart was just released, and surprisingly, it featured a number of K-pop idols who made it big for the start of the month. IU landed on the top spot in the “Billboard’s World Album” chart, thanks to her recently released “Palette”. On the other hand, the indie K-pop band, Hyukoh, landed on the sixth place with their recent single, “23”. Jonghyun also got the 7 th spot in the chart with his “JONGHYUN The Collection Story Op. 2″.
The former member of the hit girl group, 2NE1, also managed to pull off a comeback as she landed on the 9 th place with her recent solo debut album, Minzy Work 01 UNO”. According to Koogle, IU’s “Pallete” was a huge hit as it has sold more than 1,000 copies by April 27. This is a feat that is rarely achieved by most K-pop artists, making IU a truly remarkable K-pop idol.It is also worth noting that “Palette” is also a big milestone for IU as it is her first time to have the best first-week sales in America. This is also regarded as the best-selling K-pop album in the U.S. for the previous week and this current week. According to Billboard, the release of IU’s “Pallete” was risky as the artist and the production team decided to not release it on the usual Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Instead, the album has been released on a Friday, despite it being an unconventional day for a release. Four visuals were also released to support the four tracks that can be found in IU’s album. Hopefully, IU, together with the other K-pop idols who made it through the “Billboard’s World Album” chart, can still land on another spot in the near future. Let’s wish these K-pop idols the best of luck.

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