K-Pop Crossover: Jesse Jackson’s Daughter Ashley On Her Love Of Hallyu Culture And Her R&B Career As AJae [EXCLUSIVE]

K-Pop Crossover: Jesse Jackson's Daughter Ashley On Her Love Of Hallyu Culture And Her R&B Career As AJae  [EXCLUSIVE]
K-Pop Crossover: Jesse Jackson's Daughter Ashley On Her Love Of Hallyu Culture And Her R&B Career As AJae [EXCLUSIVE]

R&B singer Ashley “AJae” Stanford-Jackson wants to work on her Korean.

The 15-year-old “love child” of Rainbow Coalition founder the Rev.

Jesse Jackson and Dr.

Karin Stanford isn’t one to let the boundaries of language stand between her and the music that moves her or makes her move.

Rather, AJae says she takes her inspiration from a broad spectrum of musical colors and says she appreciates how “K-pop incorporates various genres of music.” KpopStarz caught up with the singer earlier this week, to discuss “Just Do Me,” the first single and music video off her upcoming debut record, and her favorite K-pop acts, in an exclusive interview.

“I really love the video for ‘ Replay ‘ by SHINee,” AJae said.

“I play this song every day.

It reminds me of American music videos.

I love the hip-hop dance.

They used some really cool moves and techniques.” When asked what it is that moves her so much about the pop of a culture so far away, AJae points to the diverse array of genres many Hallyu acts are experimenting with.

“I find that many K-pop artists integrate hints of hip-hop and soul into their pop sound,” said the teen.

“That kind of edgy sound appeals to me.” So who are her all-time favorite acts? “My favorite male K-pop group is SHINee.

My favorite female K-pop group is 2NE1,” AJae said.

“I like the edgy vibe in 2NE1’s ‘ Gotta Be You ‘ music video, which is my favorite song by them.

I just love the group in general but this video is so cool.” “My favorite member is CL,” she added.

“I love her.

She’s got great style and her raps are amazing.

My favorite rap of hers is in 2NE1’s ‘Gotta Be You.’ The flow is just perfect.

 I try to rap the words, but I have to work on my Korean.” AJae first became acquainted with Hallyu culture after some members of her famous family learned about it in school.

“I have three cousins who study Asian culture and they introduced me to K-pop years ago,” she said.

“I remember hearing ‘ Run Devil Run ‘ by Girls’ Generation four years ago.

We used to sing it all the time.” But it was the ladies of 2NE1 that really made her a fan, especially the group’s leader.

“CL’s song ‘ The Baddest Female ,’ that music video was fire,” AJae said.

I love how the song empowers girls.

Gives me a Beyoncé ‘Run The World’ kind of vibe.” And learning Korean isn’t her only long-term goal.

“If I’m lucky, maybe one day I will collaborate with CL on a song,” said the teen.

“CL meets AJae, one day.” Paging Yang Hyun Suk.

Watch the music video for AJae’s debut single “Just Do Me” RIGHT HERE


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