K-Pop Crossover: EXID’s Solji And Hani Take On Dreamworks’s ‘Home’ With ‘Feel The Light’

K-Pop Crossover: EXID's Solji And Hani Take On Dreamworks's 'Home' With 'Feel The Light'
K-Pop Crossover: EXID's Solji And Hani Take On Dreamworks's 'Home' With 'Feel The Light'

The Dreamworks movie “Home” includes a star-studded roster of idols for its soundtrack, and now K-pop sensation EXID can be added to that list.

On May 6, CJ Entertainment released the Korean version of “Feel the Light,” originally sung  by Jennifer Lopez for “Home.” Featuring EXID’s Solji and Hani, observers have praised the duo for their rendition of the song.

“Am I the only one who thinks this is better than the original version?” wrote  YouTube viewer Faye Phang.

The English version of “Feel the Light” was released in February for the US release of the animated film.

According to MTV , the soundtrack was executive produced by Rihanna, which also featured pop stars such as Charli XCX, Kiesza and Clarence Coffee Jr.

“I think music is important to every film,” said Rihanna.

“I think it sets the tone, in the moment.

It creates the sensitivity, the suspense, no matter what film it is, especially in animation.

I’ve had an incredible time making music for this film.

I’ve worked really closely with Tim Johnson, the director, just to make sure that lyrically, and musically the songs were matching exactly what he needed-what he needed the audience to feel in that moment.​” The most popular rendition of “Feel the Light” on YouTube is not a music video, but a live performance  by Lopez on “American Idol.” The video has garnered over 38 million views since its upload in March.

On Tuesday, Hani and Solji attended a live showcase for “Home” in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

Here, they made a promise to the public if two million viewers went to see the film.

“If the movie reaches two million views, we will reveal a video in which we sing [‘Feel the Light’] live while dressed and made up as [the character] Oh.” Check out Hani and Solji’s rendition of “Feel the Light” below :

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