K.C. Undercover: Disney’s New Spy Series ‘K.C. Undercover,’ First Poster Revealed As The ‘Shake It Up’ Besties Zendala And Bella Thorne Reunite For The New Disney Channel Series

K.C. Undercover: Disney’s New Spy Series ‘K.C. Undercover
K.C. Undercover: Disney’s New Spy Series ‘K.C. Undercover

As we await Disney’s forthcoming spy series, ‘K.C.

Undercover,’ Zendaya, the star of the show herself took to her Instagram and posted the very first poster of the show!

We can hardly wait until the show’s 2015 debut! Zendaya, 18, looks spectacular in the poster of her upcoming show, K.C.

Undercover! The ‘Replay’ singer promoted her upcoming Disney Channel series by posting a photo of the show’s poster on her Instagram on November 21.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to watch Zendaya in action while she saves the world! The poster has already got us captivated! Zendaya On Disney’s Spy Series – First Poster of New Disney Show, K.C.

Undercover Revealed Zendaya swings from a harness looking as confident as ever in the poster, after all, she’d be saving the world! The tagline says, “Saving the world.

No big thing.” Zendaya makes saving the world look like child’s play.

Zendaya is a math whiz by day and transforms into a super spy by night as she follows the footstep of her undercover spy parents.

According to Deadline, she will balance both her personal and family life while performing serious missions to save the country.

Besides starring in the new series, Zendaya is also co-executive producer at just 18 years old, she’s achieved so much! She certainly is the coolest person ever.

Zendaya And Bella Thorne Reunite For K.C.

Undercover   Bella Thorne is set to guest star on an episode of the new Disney show as she reunites with her former ‘Shake It Up’ costar, Zendaya who announced the news over Instagram on October 6 posting a pic of the show’s script with Bella’s name next to it.

We are super-excited! Will you be tuning in K.C.

Undercover and are you thrilled to see Zendaya save the world? Let us know in the comments below!

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