K.A.R.D. On Going Co-Ed: ‘It was a great blessing’; ‘Oh Nana’ And ‘Don’t Recall’ Going Strong On iTunes Charts

K.A.R.D. On Going Co-Ed: 'It was a great blessing'; 'Oh Nana' And 'Don't Recall' Going Strong On iTunes Charts

K.A.R.D. On Going Co-Ed: 'It was a great blessing'; 'Oh Nana' And 'Don't Recall' Going Strong On iTunes Charts

Korean co-ed group K.A.R.D. has not even debuted yet but they are already enjoying success from the strong performance of its first MV “Oh NaNa” and their pre debut single “Don’t Recall.” For members B.M, J.Seph, Somin and Jiwoo, going co-ed was one of the best things to happen to the group. In an interview with SBS Pop Asia , K.A.R.D bared that the group was initially intended as a hip hop duo for J.Seph and BM but the management decided to shift gears and add more members. Jiwoo and Somin were later added to the group to introduce a different flavor to the regular Kpop fare.
“It was a great blessing because Somin and Jiwoo have made up for [his and B.M.’s] weaknesses and [K.A.R.D] are able to appeal to fans in a way that only a co-ed group can,” J.seph said. He admitted that at first, it was a major adjustments but the decision to go co-ed eventually gave K.A.R.D an edge that sets them apart from other groups. Their funky “Oh NaNa” MV has so far garnered over 6 million views on youtube and peaked at the #2 spot on the US iTunes Kpop chart. “Don’t Recall” is on its way to reaching 7 million views and made it to the top 10 of international iTunes charts. The group also credits their different sound for the positive reception that they have been receiving from international fans. K.A.R.D specializes in electropop and synth pop type of music. Meanwhile, B.M, J.Seph, Somin and Jiwoo recently treated fans to a look at their fun side when they shared a video on the Naver V app , where they had a sing off against each other. The friendly competition showed J.seph going first and scoring 74 percent or his performance, while B.M’s effort raked in a 62 percent score. Jiwoo came next and scored 62 while SoMin came closest to J.Seph’s score and ended up with 72 percent. The group showed their camaraderie as they cheered each other on and even danced around while one of them performed. On their official Twitter  account, the group invited fans to vote for their favorite performance and gave away signed CDs to the lucky winners. Somin won the poll with 36 percent with Jiwoo placed second with 26 percent. K.A.R.D. will be making three volumes with each album featuring a “featured” fifth member. The first featured artist for the album Oh NANA was former KARA member YoungJi.

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