JYP’s plans for Jeon So Mi after IOI’s disbandment

JYP's plans for Jeon So Mi after IOI's disbandment

JYP's plans for Jeon So Mi after IOI's disbandment

After the success of IOI, a girl group produced under the talent show entitled “Produce 101”, it is already set to disband on 2017. Despite the sad news especially to the avid viewers of the said talent show produced by CJ E&M, the 11 girls of IOI have plans laid out by their respective agencies. Being ranked as the first on the show, Jeon So Mi has a bright future awaiting her. As reported by All Kpop , JYP Entertainment, So Mi’s home agency, has released their plans for the 15 year old IOI member. They revealed that So Mi will continue her studies first as she has already enrolled in the Applied Music program of Hanlim Multi Art School.

When asked about their plans for So Mi’s career after IOI’s disbandment in 2017, JYP Entertainment did not specify any concrete plans but only stated that they will focus on it after the promotions of IOI’s music and projects have already concluded. As a proof of the popularity she gained from IOI, So Mi has been invited to several TV guestings already such as in “Happy Together” and “We will Eat Well.” So Mi’s fans knew for sure that their favorite girl has appeared on TV even before she entered the world of K-Pop. In 2013, So Mi already guested in “Let’s Go Dream Team” where she showcased her prowess in taekwondo. Fun fact: So Mi is actually a third degree black belter. More over, So Mi is one of the remarkable protegees in “Produce 101” as she has some foreign blood running in her veins. So Mi is actually born with the name Ennik Douma. For those who are not yet aware, So Mi is actually born with a Dutch-Canadian father and a Korean mother. For sure, there’s a lot of projects in store for the very talented So Mi. Stay tuned for updates about So Mi and IOI, only here in Kpop Starz.

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