JYJ’s Junsu Cast As L In ‘Death Note The Musical’

JYJ's Junsu Cast As L In 'Death Note The Musical'
JYJ's Junsu Cast As L In 'Death Note The Musical'

JYJ’s Junsu will star in the upcoming musical stage production of Death Note .

The project is based off the popular Japanese manga of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba.

The story is about a high school student who finds a magical notebook that grants him the ability to kill anyone in the world, so long as he knows their name and face.

Junsu will play the character of L, a genius detective determined to find this god-like killer obsessed with justice.

In the musical’s character teaser photo, Junsu perches on table while looking inquisitive.

The cast also includes Hong Kwang Ho as the dangerous protagonist Yagami Light, Jung Sun Ah as Light’s avid follower Amane Misa, Park Hye Na as Shinigami (god of death) Rem, and Kang Hong Suk as apple-loving Ryuk.

Check out a short teaser for the upcoming musical below! Junsu can now add another project to his impressive musical theater record.

He has starred in various productions with a variety of genres and played darkly complex roles.

He became Death for Elisabeth , was bloodthirsty Count Dracula in Dracula  and even played celebrated Classical era composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Mozart! Junsu recently made a comeback with the dramatic anthem “Flower.” His third solo album, of the same name, has been #1 in the Korean music chart Bugs for the past 17 days.

The star is currently on the Japanese leg of his newest concert tour, the 2015 Xia 3rd Asia Tour Concert-Flower.

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