Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Songs: Instagram & Twitter Lyrics Leak? ‘Birthday’ Singer Boyfriend & Dating Rumors

A source close to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has revealed that the couple is working on songs soon, leaving many fans wondering if they will release their lyrics on Instagram and Twitter. 

“They are working on songs together but there is no timetable to release anything soon.

They want it to be perfect, which is making things a little difficult because they only have one chance to release a song together for the first time,” a source told Hollywood Life.  “Justin also considers it to be a big step in their relationship if he releases a song with her.

So he is not really ready to show that commitment.”  Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been making headlines for their seemingly stable relationship-several of the “Birthday” lyrics singer’s fans have been speculating over the possibility of the couple working on new songs.

She posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter of a video camera screen where she appears to be recorded-several fans commenting on the photo speculated whether it was a shoot for her popular “Birthday” track.

Selena Gomez also posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter of herself heading toward New York, where she regularly records her songs.

Last week she was spotted cuddling in a new picture with Justin Bieber on his Instagram page, confirming reports the couple is back together.

“Justin is getting really healthy, he wants to look good for Selena so he’s working out a lot, they’re both on a health kick,” a source told Hollywood Life.  “They’re detoxing from all the partying and negativity right now.

He’s been hiking every day, that’s his new favorite thing.

And he’s getting up early because he’s not out partying all night, he’s just been at home chilling with Selena.” Selena Gomez posted a photo of herself on Instagram getting emotional while delivering an acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards, leaving many fans wondering if rumors of her having lupus, going to rehab and being pregnant with Justin Bieber’s child contributed to her reaction.

Earlier, she posted a picture on Instagram of her and several friends holding up signs promoting donations for children’s charities-could the “Slow Down” singer feel charitable after encountering her own experiences with rumors of her being pregnant and attending rehab for lupus?    

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