Justin Bieber Eardrum Surgery Prescribed After Cliff Dive; Selena Gomez Boyfriend Tells Twitter `Ear Drum Might Back Us Up’

Justin Bieber eardrum surgery might stall his new music, but it won’t keep him under water.

Justin Bieber claims he might need eardrum surgery after he busted his eardrum while he was cliff diving.

Selena Gomez’s boyfriend was getting ready to release clips of new music online, but that might be slightly delayed.

Justin Bieber took to Twitter to tell his fans “Busted my ear drum cliff diving.

Doc says might need surgery now.


My ear drum might back us up a little but I’m still bringing you this new music.

Much love.

Damn u cliff diving!..

Got some exclusives on the fan club.

We got a lot coming.

No worries.” The LA Times explained that the ear drum could get ruptured several ways.

A loud sound or a change in pressure could damage the inner ear..

The Daily Mail reported that Justin Bieber ‘busted’ his ear drum while tombstoning, which is when someone person jumps from a cliff or a high place into water.

Tombstoning could be dangerous and damage the eardrum because of the trauma caused by suddenly falling into the water.

The ear-shattering incident was not the first time that Bieber has gone cliff diving.

He went cliff diving in Kauai last November.

The Daily Mail reported that Bieber said the injury would not affect his career.

The pop star promised that he would not face any issues in the long run.

The New York Daily News reported that, after Bieber broke the news, the hashtag #FeelBetterJustin trended worldwide.

According to the Daily Mail, Bieber has given up alcohol and is eating only healthy food.

The Liberty Voice reported that the “Baby” singer has been getting into tennis and cycling.


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