Jungkook Of BTS Names His Rival In KPop Industry, Surprises Fans

Jungkook Of BTS Names His Rival In KPop Industry

Jungkook Of BTS Names His Rival In KPop Industry, Surprises Fans

KPop has proven itself to not only be a big hit in Korea, but also a real global phenomenon. Because of this, Korean celebrities also feel that there exists a tight competition between them and the other Korean stars in their industry. In one of the interviews that asked Jungkook who his greatest rival or rivals in the industry, he swiftly answered without any hesitation. According to Asia Starz , Jungkook said that his co-members in the BTS boy group are his greatest rivals in the KPop industry.
Jungkook is also the youngest member of the group, being only 19 years old. He is also very optimistic that he will be able to make his own original song before this year ends. In one occasion, he says that he had already made the tunes of the song. Now, he will work next on the song’s beat, as well as with the lyrics of the song. Jungkook is also known to have his own cover songs, just like Jason Derulo’s “Marry Me”, Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Like a Star”. Thanks to these songs and his great English accent in singing the songs, his popularity grew even more abroad. According to All Kpop , Jungkook’s cover of Goblin’s “Beautiful” was also one of the most defining moments of his career. His cover of the song publicly went out on his graduation day. This was met with unexpected popularity and success, which led more people to know him. With this, one can clearly see that he is very determined to make his own mark in the KPop music industry. What he just needs is a little bit of push, so that he will work harder, motivate himself, and believe in himself. Getting his own original songs is the best way to just propel his career even more.

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