Jung Yu Mi Is Tired Of Crying

Jung Yu Mi Is Tired Of Crying
Jung Yu Mi Is Tired Of Crying

  Actress Jung Yu Mi is tired of crying and hopes that her next role will be a comedy.

The actress, who shares a name with Jung Yu Mi, the star of “Discovery of Love,” recently starred in the weekday drama “Mother’s Garden.” The weekday drama included plenty of emotional scenes and ended its run on Sept.


In “Mother’s Garden,” Jung Yu Mi played Yoon Joo, a woman who comes from a wealthy family.

She works as a vet and specializes in caring for horses.

Yoon Joo is in love with a man who also comes from a wealthy family.

But having lived a privileged life does not protect her from pain.

When her father loses his money she is forced to reconsider the meaning of family.

The drama explored the different ways that people are related to and relate to each other To read the story, visit kdramastars.com .


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