Jung Sisters Jessica & Krystal Spotted Filming For New Lapalette Ad Together

Jung Sisters Jessica & Krystal Spotted Filming For New Lapalette Ad Together
Jung Sisters Jessica & Krystal Spotted Filming For New Lapalette Ad Together


Jessica and Krystal Jung were recently revealed to have been filming a new CF for famous clothing and handbag brand, Lapalette.

Lapalette is a popular online fashion store featuring top brands including Joyrich, Cooco, and Jill Scott.

Both sisters are known for having a great amount of style and are quite the fashionistas; however, when the two get together, the amount only multiplies.

In the stills released by Lapalette on November 13th, the two chic sisters are seen modeling the popular handbags with matching outfits.

The Jung sisters almost seem to be going for a water and fire type look in this particular shoot.

Jessica rocks the bold and warm colors with vibrant oranges and various shades of red for a fire look.

Krystal on the other hand is seen donning cool blues, and soft lavenders with an off-white top for a water style.

Both sisters pulled off the classy look flawlessly as they always do.

In other recent news, younger sister, Krystal has secured quite the number of endorsements this year and most recently has just taken up endorsements for including Jill Stuart and the collaboration of Swarovski and Samsung.

Krystal has also been making further advancements in her acting career as she is currently starring as the lead female in popular SBS drama, ‘My Lovely Girl’ alongside Rain.

Aside from Lapalette and other endorsements, the eldest of the duo, Jessica Jung, is growing her own fashion brand, Blanc and Eclare.

The brand has landed a spot in the Shanghai stores of Lane Crawford signifying that Blanc and Eclare is further expanding into a global fashion brand.

The new Lapalette CF is set to be released later this November building suspense for fans and trend-followers alike.

Until then let’s enjoy some of the past promotions and photo shoots the Jung sisters have done for Lapalette!     To see more of the Jung Sisters for Lapalette visit the official website here !

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