Jung Hyung Don Meets Vietnamese Doppelganger, Wants ‘WoW’ Comeback Postponed

Jung Hyung Don Meets Vietnamese Doppelganger

Jung Hyung Don Meets Vietnamese Doppelganger, Wants 'WoW' Comeback Postponed

Jung Hyung Don, together with Kim Yong Man, Kim Sung Joo and Ahn Jung Hwan had travelled to Vietnam for their “Package Tour” segment. This was for their Feb. 28 episode. The two then rode a cable car and Ferris wheel as soon as they arrived in Vietnam. According to All K-pop , he together with his crew then went to the wax museum that features figurines of famous celebrities throughout the globe.
The crew then surprisingly encountered a wax figure of Psy. And so, they continued and went on searching for more. However, his crew looked at the figurine more closely and they realized that Psy had resembled more of like Jung Hyung Don. Hyung Don looked at it and he then sat next to it. He copied the exact pose as the crew laughed together with him. One of the members had then commented that it looked more like him. The crowd in the museum then gathered around him and took photos. According to another report by All K-pop , the encounter was really very fun and worth noting. However, Lovelyz had a hard time in keeping up with the latest song entitled “WoW”. When compared to their previous tracks, the “WoW” wasn’t that much of a hit. With this, Jung Hyung Don shared his thoughts that a comeback delay is what needs to be done. After that, Seo Ji Soo then commented out and said that she finds all of their songs similar to one another. With this, it makes perfect sense for the crew to review their song and see what course of actions needs to be done with it. Perhaps they need to incorporate a little bit of innovation on their part, or maybe they need to be like Psy. Whichever the case is, they’re just fun to look at when they are together.

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