Journalist Visits Newly-Opened Victoria Beckham Shop In London; Says Victoria Beckham Dresses In New Shop Make Her Feel Fat

An article published in the UK tabloid the Daily Mail featuring the experience and impressions of a Victoria Beckham-fan and jourmalist, Claire Cisotti draws a lot of attention from readers as she expressed how frustrated she is finding out that the VB clothes made her look fat.

The article is posted on Monday after the mother-of-two checked out a newly-opened Victoria Beckham shop in Mayfair, London and tried on the VB designer clothing. 

“Gazing at myself in the changing room mirror, I was lost for words.

I’d just wriggled into the dress of my dreams.

But looking back at me was something that resembled the Michelin man.

I didn’t just have a visible panty line, but I could practically read the wash-care label.

After two children, I expect a smidge of mum-tum.

But, in this dress, I looked at least three months gone.” According to her, the dress she craves for actually does not fit her and instead emphasizes the bad features of her body.

“I had little pouches of flab poking out from under each armpit, and my bust, which I normally consider one of my best features, seemed to have morphed into a solid bolster of flesh.

I wasn’t just mortified, I was desperately disappointed,” she said in her article.

Meanwhile, the 46-year old newspaper executive lauded Victoria’s shop for being true to its promise of creating a welcoming, ‘not-too-posh’ shop for customers of all walks of life by quoting the fashion designer’s statements of not making people feel scared of getting inside the store.

“And, indeed, the intimidating-looking bouncer guarding the door flashed me a friendly smile as I stepped in.

The place was teeming with an eclectic mix of customers: students in ripped jeans, Instagramming everything in sight; middle-aged women, browsing with bemused husbands in tow; Essex girls, clutching armfuls of handbags and swigging heartily on the glasses of free champagne,” Cisotti added.

Victoria Beckham’s store in London opened Thursday last week even with her absence as she accepts role as UN goodwill ambassador for AIDS charity in New York.

Husband David Beckham is said to have taken her place during the shop’s inauguration.

Nevertheless, the 40-year old managed to visit her boutique on Saturday after her UN engagement in the US.

She then tweeted, “So excited to visit my store today! Thank u to my wonderful team and customers I met today!! X vb .” She had another store visit on Monday this week.     

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