Jooe Of Momoland Criticized For Photoshopping Pictures, Celebrates 100th Day With Group

Jooe Of Momoland Criticized For Photoshopping Pictures

Jooe Of Momoland Criticized For Photoshopping Pictures, Celebrates 100th Day With Group

Momland’s Jooe is the subject of today’s headlines as criticisms on her grow as she is accused of heavily photoshopping her recently publicized photos. Her photos that she shared in social media have grown into a very hot issue these days, due to her alleged heavy photoshopping on those. According to Koogle , many people had observed the difference in the photo and the real face, body and overall physical appearance of Jooe. With this, netizens who have saw the posted photos in her social media account, strongly agree that her photos are all photoshopped in a very strong way.
This in turn, made her look prettier than her real self when seen personally. One of the main things that prove that these are photoshopped is the fact that many people didn’t recognize her at all. Because of this, netizens reacted that Instagram must not be trusted so easily, because its photo filters are very good in enhancing the overall quality and texture of the person’s skin in its photos. People point out that the photoshopping techniques and the right pose angles had contributed to making her look prettier than reality. Despite all of this, Jooe still remains silent, as Momoland, her girl group, has just celebrated its first 100 days afte debuting in a KPop live broadcast. In the group’s celebration, the group’s pet dog named Summer, also appeared in the live broadcast. According to All KPop , Momoland is continuously improving their performances and the plans that they have in the future. Hopefully, Jooe won’t mind her bashers. As long as she’s not doing anything wrong, and as long as she continues her productive career in entertaining her fans, then she’s good to go. Let’s with Jooe the best of luck in her career in the KPop industry.

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