Johnny Depp Missing? Actor Missed Flight And Is Nowhere To Be Found?

Johnny Depp Missing? Actor Missed Flight And Is Nowhere To Be Found?
Johnny Depp Missing? Actor Missed Flight And Is Nowhere To Be Found?

Johnny Depp may have gone missing, as the Oscar nominee failed to show up to the filming of his latest movie.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin , the actor “failed to board his scheduled private charter flight from Los Angeles back to Australia,” where he was supposed to do the shoot for “Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

The actor also did not inform the “Pirates of the Caribbean” crew about why he failed to make it to his flight, and nobody knows where he is.

Presently, the crew of the Disney franchise had to reschedule the filming of several scenes so that they could continue to shoot in Australia even without their lead star.

The Gold Coast Bulletin also reported that the crew are annoyed that the Oscar nominee did not make it to his flight as this cost delays and extra work on their part.

“It’s quite unprofessional of Johnny to leave everyone waiting and wondering what’s happening,” a crew member reportedly said.

It will be recalled that production on the $250 million budget movie stopped when Depp injured his hand earlier this March, and he had to return to the U.S.

for surgery.

Vanity Fair  noted that the actor had been acting strange in the months leading to this missed flight.

Last November, the actor made a profanity-laced presenter’s spiel at the Hollywood Film Awards.

Just last January, Depp did not make it to the press conference of his new movie, “Mortdecai.” People magazine reported that the actor blamed a chupacabra attack on his no-show, but later admitted that he had a cold.

News outlets have also reported that the actor’s marriage to Amber Heard was not going well.

The two were wedded in February, but were already experiencing marital woes, according to Page Six .  A source from People magazine claimed that the actor was acting carefree before the incident of his injury, partying a lot and was indifferent to the fact that he was filming the latest in his blockbuster franchise.

The source further claimed that the actor’s disappearance could mean that he had gone into rehab 

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