Joan Rivers News: Comedienne’s Last Documentary ‘Chilling;’ ‘Fashion Police’ Co Host Kelly Osbourne Spills Late Talk Show Star Will Not Be Replaced

The latest Joan Rivers news comes from Entertainment Weekly ,  which reported on the last documentary by the comedian, that ended up becoming a tribute.

Meanwhile, “Fashion Police” co-host Kelly Osbourne said nobody will sit on the late talk show host’s seat on the panel.

Heidi Ewing, the co-director of the documentary “MAKERS: Women in Comedy,” told the website that with her death, Joan Rivers “set up the film perfectly.

“She’s a lion tamer.

It’s all about being in charge and she just delivered.

It’s also just a nod to the great Joan Rivers, setting it up as her being the matriarch,” she explained.

In the latest Joan Rivers news, Ewing said that it’s sort of “chilling” to watch the film again following the death of the comedian.

“I thought about it after she passed away.

It’s kind of chilling to watch it back.

I saw it with an audience the other night in Miami.

I had never seen it with a group of people.

As soon as it started and they saw her everybody [gasped],” she said.

Joan Rivers died on September 4 after what seemed like a routine endoscopy, which involved inserting a tiny camera to look down her throat.

On the other hand, “Fashion Police” co-host Kelly Osbourne said that the late comedian will never be replaced on the show.

According to the Joan Rivers news from The Wrap , several names have been floated to replace the comedian on the show, which is also co-hosted by George Kotsiopoulos and Giuliana Rancic.

This prompted the daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osborne to take to TWitter and post: #enough  already!!! yes @e_FashionPolice Will be back in January but NO ONE WILL REPLACE @Joan_Rivers!” The website also clarified that Kathy Griffin, who was one of the names floated around to replace Joan Rivers, was never considered.

The raunchy comedian also told the site that the network has not contacted her for the gig.

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