Jinyoung of GOT7 Shares Deep Feelings About ‘Stray Goat’ Character

Jinyoung of GOT7 Shares Deep Feelings About 'Stray Goat' Character

Jinyoung of GOT7 Shares Deep Feelings About 'Stray Goat' Character

Jinyoung of the hit K-pop boyband has just attended a recent press conference for his very first movie entitled, “A Stray Goat”. During the event, he spoke about his feelings and thoughts about the filming of the movie. The young lad says that he finds movies and TV show dramas very different. This was when he spoke about the process of filming. He adds that they are different in a fundamental sense because the movies are shown in a bigger screen, and that it really is a big thing for you to star in a movie rather than getting to show up on a TV drama.
According to Korea Portal, Jinyoung confirms that he was indeed nervous during the filming of the first movie. Later, he commends the work ethics and creativity of Ji Woo, the director of the movie. With this, it can be seen that he indeed had loads of fun in filming the movie. Finally, Jinyoung says that he hopes that the movie will be positively welcomed by the viewers. In the movie, Jinyoung says that he had focused his attention in portraying a teenager who is having problems with his school life. It was indeed a new thing for him to take up a character as complex as this. According to Soompi , Jinyoung takes up the character of Min Sik, a teenager who has just transferred school in Gosung and has been bullied ever since. It was also reported that he had sustained a minor injury during the movie’s filming. This was because one of the scenes involved him getting hit by his fellow students. Director Cho Jae Min was also asked as to why he chose Jinyoung to take up the role. The director says that the young lad is the perfect person who fits the character’s personality. The movie, “A Stray Goat” premiered in theaters last March 1.

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