Jin Ju-hyeong On His Dreams of Going To Hollywood, Learnings After Filming ‘Hwarang’

Jin Ju-hyeong On His Dreams of Going To Hollywood

Jin Ju-hyeong On His Dreams of Going To Hollywood, Learnings After Filming 'Hwarang'

Jin Ju- hyeong  opened up about his dreams to go to Hollywood like his idol Lee Byung-hun. He also shared his experiences filming the recently concluded “Hwarang.” In the TV report posted by Hancinema.net , Jin Ju-hyeong admitted that he mimics Lee Byung-hun. It looks like he will do whatever it takes to get to the actor’s level. He said he will do everything the veteran actor did.
“I think my voice somewhat became like his because I followed him so much,” Jin Ju-hyeong said. He sees the “Single Rider” star as his role model. Lee Byung-hun appeared in “G.I Joe” series and “Red 2” where he worked with Bruce Willis. He made history as the first South Korean to present an Oscar at the annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles. “Single Rider” just premiered this week but Lee Byung-hun is already preparing for a new project. According to AllKPop , he will do another movie this time with Park Jung Min. Meanwhile, the 22-year-old actor shared the things he learned while filming “Hwarang.” He said he did not know it would take so long to finish the TV series. It was a pre-production and he finished filming after nine months. He played Soo-ho’s best friend, Jang Hyeon. He became Soo-ho’s method of communication. “Hwarang” already bids goodbye but Jin Ju-hyeong will not forget his memories doing the drama. He said he became close with other actors including Park Seo-joon, Hyung Sik, and Min Ho. He also became friends with Tae-hyeong and Do Ji-han. The cast of the show watched the finale of the series altogether, Soompi  reported. Park hyung-sik also shared an Instagram photo of the group.

Because of “Hwarang,” Jin Ju-hyeong learned to ride a horse as well as fight using a sword. He did not give up trying to learn new things even if they are not that easy. What’s next for this young talent? He said he is ready for everything. He wants to become an actor with a variety of options. Read Next: Netizens upset over Kim Ji Soo’s Instagram post about ‘Hwarang’

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