Ji Soo Revealed His Ideal Type Of Woman On JTBC’s ‘Kim Je Dong’s Talk To You’

Ji Soo Revealed His Ideal Type Of Woman On JTBC's 'Kim Je Dong's Talk To You'

Ji Soo Revealed His Ideal Type Of Woman On JTBC's 'Kim Je Dong's Talk To You'

Ji Soo has a promising career ahead as he is a talented actor. His roles in some dramas have made him really popular among male and female fans. Recently, when he was the guest in “Kim Je Dong’s Talk to You,” he shared his thought of his ideal type of woman. Ji Soo’s acting in his previous drama “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” was really good. He is the rising star nowadays. No surprise, there are many female fans who want to know about his ideal woman. Previously he stated that he prefered older woman to young woman, which made fans curious. According to Soompi , when he was the guest for the show “Kim Je Dong’s Talk to You,” which was aired on Feb. 26, he was asked whether women became more intimidating as they aged. He then answered that women got more elegant, had deeper thoughts, and wiser as they aged. He added that his ideal type was someone like his mom who could be there when it counted. His answer shows how mature he is.
Meanwhile, Ji Soo is currently playing the role as a detective in drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” Together with Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young as the main leads, this new drama on JTBC has got great responds from viewers. According to AllKpop , the rating for the first episode was the highest of all time for JTBC. It was recorded that the rating got 3.289% in average viewership ratings. The rating was really great and it was a good start for the drama. Viewers were excited to see the interaction of triangle love among Park Hyung Sik, Ji Soo and Park Bo Young. Ji Soo’s role in this drama is a strict detective and he played his role really well. After Ji Soo revealing his ideal type of woman, fans cannot wait to see his real relationship in the future. Read Next: Shinee’s Minho Looked Handsome And Chic Attending ‘Gucci’ Fashion Show In Milan Fashion Week

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