Jewelry Ha Jooyeon, Thanks Her Fans And Members “They Were Happy Days For Me”

Jewelry Ha Jooyeon
Jewelry Ha Jooyeon

Girl group Jewelry ‘s member Ha Jooyeon thanked her fans and members with her goodbye message.

On November 19, Ha Jooyeon posted on her Twitter, “I was very sad this morning but I gained strength through our fans.

I am so thankful for you always.

I’ll come back as a better me, trying my best.

I miss my members even more today.

The past 9 years were happy days for me” along with a picture.

In the picture, Ha Jooyeon is smiling at the camera with shorter hair than before.

Internet users who saw this commented, “I’m so sad.

Good job until now,” “I’ll be expecting your return,” and “They were happy days for me too.” Jewelry had been in the situation where original member Kim Eun Jung left and the team was left with Ha Jooyeon, Park Semi, and Kim Yewon.

About this, one media stated, “If both members leave the team, it would be hard for Kim Yewon to lead the team by herself.” Ha Jooyeon posted after, “I will be taking a break and focusing on my music studies to return to you.

I am thankful for the love I received as a part of Jewelry and I want to return that love.

I am always thankful for our fans so please keep supporting us.” She continued, “I had much love for my group Jewelry as well but as our contract with Star Empire ended this August, I naturally went from Jewelry Ha Jooyeon to just Ha Jooyeon.”

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