Jessie J Teases New Single Burnin Up; Talks New Album, Says ‘There Should Be A Bit Of Sexual Tension In There’

A teaser video for Jessie J’s new single “Burnin Up” off her new album “Sweet Talker” has been revealed.

A video showing lots of dancing to Jessie J’s new single was uploaded by the British singer on her official Instagram account on September 24.

While Jessie has been known for her singing chops, she put her talent in dancing on display on the video teaser.

Clad in a black one-piece suit, Jessie performed choreographed moves with a number of back-up dancers.

Meanwhile, Jessie J revealed details about her new album in an interview with Metro UK.

The British star described what fans can expect from her new record, saying: “Being confident as a woman, going through a break-up, falling in love, being sad, being angry.

All of those things that you go through as a woman are on a the album.” She also explained how the break-up song on her album differs from others that have been released before.

“The break-up song is not teary,” she said.

“It’s everything I was feeling at the time.

You know; there’s two kinds of anger.

A soft one where you want someone to shout at you and they don’t and insteady they go, ‘No, it’s fine.

You can leave.’ And you’re like, ‘Say something else!’ It’s that kind of heartbreak.” The “Bang Bang” singer also hinted at a “sexual tension” that fans can expect from the record.

“It’s about being a little bit older,” she said.

“There comes a point where people are going to have to accept if you are a writer that you write about what’s going on in your life.

I’m 26 years old, there should be a bit of sexual tension in there.” Jessie J’s new single “Burnin’ Up” featuring 2 Chainz is the second song she released from her new album which will be available in stores on October 14.

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