Jessica Eye Vs Leslie Smith: Leslie Smith Suffers Gruesome Injury Losing Part Of Her Left Ear During Barbarous UFC Match!

In one of the more gruesome scenes one might come across in an MMA fight, Jessica Eye took home the victory after throwing an extremely violent punch at her opponent, Leslie Smith, almost tearing her left ear open.

(WARNING: Video is very graphic in nature.) Jessica Eye (11-2 MMA, 1-1 UFC) caught Leslie Smith  (7-6-1 MMA, 1-2 UFC) with a right hand that caused Smith’s left ear to literally explode.

Fight photographer Ed Mulholland captured the moment of impact in a photo.

After Eye ruptured Smith’s left ear in the first round, the cut got worse in the second with blood spewing down the side of her face.

With Smith left at big-risk, the doctor took look shutting down the fight in the second round, giving Eye a TKO.

Jessica Eye’s TKO Victory; Splits Leslie Smith’s Left Ear Open Jessica used the brutal injury to play on Leslie’s weakness after she threw the punch at Leslie.

Jessica ended up with a huge win in this truly gruesome match.

According to Yahoo! Jessica said, “When I connected and saw her ear blow up, that became my main target.” “I was going to keep hitting it until they stopped the fight or it fell off.

My goal is to be the first girl in the UFC to get a knockout win.

I know I’ll do it.

Now I’ve climbed another rung on the ladder, and I’ll look around and see what my options are, but I’m almost to the top.” Leslie, however, pushed herself to get back on her feet but she was discontinued from fighting after an examination.

Jessica was given the victory.

The brutal punch separated the cauliflower from her ear in the first round and it became worse in the second, nearly hanging off as it bled.

Do you think any men or women match should ever get this brutal? Was Jessica’s UFC 180 win cruel? Let us know in the comments!

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