Jeremy Lin Video: Lakers Star Signs With Whistle Sports Network; Wants To Be YouTube Sensation

Jeremy Lin is one of the few NBA players who are very active on social media, having about 400,000 followers on YouTube.

He regularly uploads a Jeremy Lin video for avid fans.

Through the years, Lin continued to build his reputation on social media by providing a Jeremy Lin video or post.

In a report by USA Today , the point guard said, “When people think Harvard or Asian American or they see my demeanor on the court, they automatically come up with certain preconceptions about who I am or what my demeanor is and I think one thing that was really missing was my off-the-court personality.

So a friend had suggested I start making YouTube videos awhile back when I was with Golden State and so that’s how it all began.” He added, “And after I made my first one I was like ‘wow this is really fun’ and since then we’ve just been having fun with it.

I love it because it’s an opportunity to have you know you push your own message you control the content from start to finish, it’s very pure and authentic it’s not muddled with anything else.

You don’t have to do things a certain way or push certain things.

I can be who I want to be and say what I want to say through the YouTubes.” Recently, Lin joined the Whistle Sports brand, which also has athlete investors like Derek Jeter.

Lin will be the first from the NBA to join the digital network, bringing with him his 400,000 Jeremy Lin video followers .

He said in an article by , “I’m blessed to have some of the most supportive and engaged fans in the world.

Joining Whistle Sports provides my fans with a wider network of content possibilities.

The Whistle has grown by millions of subscribers this year, has great momentum, and is expanding rapidly internationally.

I’m looking forward to growing with them.” He continued, “We’re hoping to be able to create positive, interesting content for young fans or basketball fans or fans in general.”    

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