Jeremy Lin News: Former Worldwide Sensation Continues To Be A Major Question Mark In Terms Of Consistency

It is difficult to be a part of one of the most popular ballclubs in the NBA, but it is certainly even more difficult if you are a player like Jeremy Lin, who always seemed to be followed by his ‘Linsanity’ days back in New York. 

During that stretch, Lin broke records, exceeded expectations and really delivered quality and entertaining basketball.  However, his stint with the Rockets for two years did nothing similar to what happened with the Knicks, as Lin struggled to find his place in a team where 60 percent of all possessions go to one of the best two-guards in the NBA, James Harden.  Lin’s transfer to the Lakers this off season once again provided him the chance to prove his worth in the NBA, and in some occasions, he actually is close to that player who sparked Linsanity two years ago.  Unfortunately, Lin as been one of the most inconsistent players in this Lakers squad.

While he averages 11.8 points and 4.8 assists a game, those numbers alone would not be able to describe the type of plays Lin actually creates.  Let’s just take a look at Lin’s four previous games.

During the Lakers match with the Warriors, Lin went for 0 points with 2 boards throughout the game.

The Harvard product did bounce back in the game against Atlanta, where he registrered 14 points and 10 assists, helping his team win.

Unfortunately, Lin again registered only 3 points in a close Laker win against the Rockets.

And last night, the 26-year-old player scored 18 points in a shameful loss to the Mavs.  What we’re pointing out here is that Lin can definitely score.

His 4.8 assists per game is also a decent number if we’re talking about all other point guards in the NBA.

However, the Lakers want players who can deliver quality game after quality game each night.  Kobe Bryant is having a career year leading the league in scoring, but is also one of the most inefficient scorers this season.

That’s because he does not find anyone who can step up and fill the scoring load in order to win games.  Nick Young could be the answer, as he has been instrumental with Los Angeles as of late (they’re 2-1 with him this season).  This should be Lin’s city, growing up in Palo Alto, but slowly, people are losing interest that he will be able to help Bryant carry the Lakers to the post-season.

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