Jennifer Lawrence Busy Filming ‘Joy’ In Boston, Boyfriend Chris Martin Reconnects With Gwyneth Paltrow? ‘Hunger Games’ Actress Has No Time For Josh Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence Busy Filming ‘Joy’ In Boston
Jennifer Lawrence Busy Filming ‘Joy’ In Boston

Jennifer Lawrence is so busy filming “Joy” in Boston that she barely has the time for her boyfriend Chris Martin.

Seeing his complex relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, it may be a good idea for the “Hunger Games” actress to keep an eye on that relationship.

“Joy” has been such a time-sucker that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t even seem to have mental space for Josh Hutcherson, her “Hunger Games” co-star.

But Jennifer Lawrence and her boyfriend Chris Martin spent Easter together without any Gwyneth Paltrow drama.

Seeing how busy Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have been, it makes sense that the couple made time for each other this Easter.

Now she is back in Boston sans Chris Martin.

According to Yahoo!, “Following his spring break trip with his family, Chris flew to New York City to meet up with girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence.

The Coldplay frontman, 38, and Lawrence, 24, have been stealthily dating since August — although it was rumored they briefly split last fall — but this is the first time they have been spotted together in public since Harry Styles’s birthday bash on Jan.

31.” The deets are that the Coldplay singer and ‘Hunger Games’ actress stayed at the Carlyle Hotel.

What a romantic way to spend the weekend? Jennifer Lawrence has been too busy for Chris Martin leading up to this weekend.

‘Hunger Games’ actress has not been seen with her rumored boyfriend in a long time, most likely because of all the movies that she has on her plate.

Looks like her strong work ethic is getting in her way of sustaining relationships.

The rumor has it that she may have used ‘Joy’ filming to let out some frustrations she feels towards her boyfriend Chris Martin.

The director David O Russell was conveniently placed to receive her shouting on set.

Though the 24-year-old actress is praised for her strong work ethic, it looks like her busy schedule is driving away relationships with Nicholas Hoult, Liam Hemsworth and more.

But she has been getting better at making time for people that she really cares about in her life.

Recently, she caught up with Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth to discuss movie-related drama.

Let’s hope that Coldplay singer doesn’t end up on the list of her ex boyfriends!

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