Jennifer Lawrence Boyfriend: Chris Martin Jealous? The Fappening Part 3 Nude Photo Leak, Instagram Pictures, Dating & Nicholas Hoult Split [RUMORS]

More nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence have surfaced as part of “The Fappening Part 3,” leaving many fans wondering if her boyfriend Chris Martin is jealous of all the attention she’s getting online.

Jennifer Lawrence is allegedly “furious” at Kristen Stewart for dating her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports.

“Jennifer has always had a bit of a wild streak, and when she and Nicholas weren’t fighting, they were partying all day and night.

Now, she is stuck with Chris, and his idea of partying is staying up until midnight instead of going to bed at 9:00 PM,” a source allegedly told the site.

“Meanwhile, she has to see pictures of Kristen and Nicholas doing all the fun things she used to do with him, like go to amusement parks and out to high-profile restaurants and clubs.” Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were featured in a recently-released steamy trailer for their upcoming “Serena” film, leaving many fans wondering if her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult is jealous.

Jennifer Lawrence’s rumored boyfriend Chris Martin reportedly “doesn’t care” about her recent nude Twitter photos controversy.

“Chris doesn’t care that Jennifer took naked pics of herself, he’s more concerned that her privacy was invaded…

The whole thing is disturbing and Chris has just been very supportive,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“He would never end things with Jennifer over something like this…

It will pass, that’s what he tells her.

And he just uses his quirky sense of humor to help her look at the funny side.

They both do a lot of laughing together, which is what really attracted them to each other in the first place.” Chris Martin was attracted to Jennifer Lawrence because she’s the polar opposite of Gwyneth Paltrow, the Daily Mail reports, leaving many fans wondering if the two would consider dating each other.

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted wearing drab clothing following her break up with Nicholas Hoult, leaving many fans wondering if she’s depressed following her boyfriend split.

Jennifer Lawrence and ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult “split months ago,” The Sun newspaper reports, suggesting rumors that they recently broke up are fake.

“Nicholas was pretty upset she opted out of seeing him as they rarely ever got to hang out,” a source told the newspaper.

“They split on decent terms.

They know that at the end of the year they’ll be back on set together for the next X-Men film.”    

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