Japanese Lady Gaga, Pamyu Pamyu Speaks Out Against T-ARA?

Pamyu Pamyu, a Japanese model and singer known as the Japanese Lady Gaga, tweeted a comment that seemed to be about the T-ARA  controversy.

She tweeted, “Bullying is terrible! What a shame!!” She also added, “People say that there is some fault to the person being bullied but that’s all lies.

The bully is definitely 100%, no 1000000000% responsible.” “I feel terrible just thinking about the poor person who is being bullied.” She finished by saying, “I don’t experience because I act solo but if I was in a group like that, I would have wanted to quit immediately.

I just want everyone to get along.” That same afternoon, T-ARA’s management Core Contents Media had released a statement about Hwayoung ‘s contract cancellation.

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