James Franco Shows Off Abs On Instagram, But Not Girlfriend Lana Del Rey? ‘The Long Home’ Director Signs Courtney Love And Josh Hutcherson For New Movie

James Franco Shows Off Abs On Instagram
James Franco Shows Off Abs On Instagram

James Franco showed off his abs on Instagram for his new movie ‘The Long Home’, but didn’t take the opportunity to display his rumored girlfriend Lana Del Rey.

Seeing how the director has been busy signing Courtney Love and Josh Hutcherson for the new movie, he may not have had enough time to hang with his girlfriend.

According to Deadline, “Courtney Love has been cast in The Long Home, the 1940s Tennessee-set drama based on William Gay’s debut 1999 novel that James Franco is directing and producing.

Josh Hutcherson is already attached to the pic, rejoining Franco after they also teamed for the John Steinbeck adaptation In Dubious Battle.” Also, Ashton Kutcher and Josh Hartnett have been cast for ‘The Long Home’.

What an eclectic mix of Hollywood actors! But now, James Franco may need to take a break from Instagram to focus on his relationship with Lana Del Rey.

Seeing how ‘I am Michael’ actor has been showing off his great chemistry with Zachary Quinto more than with his actual girlfriend, James Franco may need to unplug from Instagram for a while.

New York Post recently published an article about how ‘I am Michael’ actor should take a break from his Instagram account, even if it is just for his sanity.

“How does one of the world’s coolest dudes all of a sudden start trying to sell dodgy merch of bad internet memes of himself online? His Instagram is like watching a car crash … You want to look away but just can’t” James Franco and Zachary Quinto are the new lovers in the upcoming movie ‘I Am Michael’.

Judging from the picture that the actor posted on his Instagram page, it looks like they have great chemistry! Let’s hope that Lana Del Rey doesn’t get too jealous.

‘I am Michael’ star may be dating Lana Del Rey, but he recently was noted for having a “great chemistry” with ‘The Adderall Diaries’ co-star Amber Heard.

Now the Hollywood critics can add Zachary Quinto to the list.

Being girlfriend to James Franco means that one has to have a good sense of humor.

Lana Del Rey probably just laughed over the Selena Gomez baby joke that “In Dubious Battle” actor posted on Instagram.

‘The Interview’ actor posted a sweet picture with Lana Del Rey on his Instagram two weeks ago.

The fact that he peppers his feed with his girlfriend shows that he is fully invested in the relationship.

There may be another layer to James Franco and Lana Del Rey romance that we don’t know about.

The fact that she was around him a lot during Sony email hack when ‘‘The Interview’ actor fell ill may be the reason that James Franco may be so fond of ‘Ultraviolence’ singer.

Do you think James Franco and Lana Del Rey will take their relationship to the next level? Let me know in the comments below!

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