James Franco Dismisses Public Opinion About Relationship With Lana Del Rey, But Uses Instagram And Twitter? ‘In Dubious Battle’ Director Keeps Girlfriend Business Private

James Franco Dismisses Public Opinion About Relationship With Lana Del Rey
James Franco Dismisses Public Opinion About Relationship With Lana Del Rey

James Franco says that he dismisses what the public thinks about him and his relationship with Lana Del Rey.

But why does the actor use Instagram and Twitter? Either way, ‘In Dubious Battle’ director is keeping his relationship with his girlfriend very private, even on his social media accounts.

In a recent interview with USA Today, James Franco confessed that he does not always rely on public opinion.

“You can watch anybody who starts to get attention, you can see everybody coming to grips with it.

It’s a very powerful draw,” he said.

“If people are writing about you, what do they think? Dude, chill out.

If you’re in the public eye and if people are writing about you, unless you’re a politician and running on issues you need to answer and be clear about, people are going to have their own experience of our movie, our performance, and who we are.

James Franco added: “I haven’t google myself in a year.” Well seeing just how much comments he gets on his Instagram, who would need to google himself ever? James Franco is hurrying to wrap up filming for “In Dubious Battle” so that he can reunite with Lana Del Rey.

Being girlfriend to James Franco means that one has to have a good sense of humor.

Lana Del Rey probably just laughed over the Selena Gomez baby joke that “In Dubious Battle” actor posted on Instagram Most recently, James Franco posted a selfie of himself saying, “In Dubious Battle – home stretch! Let’s finish this baby!” The only reason why he would be so eager to finish the filming would be to reunite with Lana Del Rey.

James Franco and Lana Del Rey are smooth sailing despite the fact that ‘The Interview’ actor is having too much fun spreading rumors about him having a baby with Selena Gomez.

Maybe it’s the joker quality that his girlfriend loves so much about him.

‘The Interview’ actor posted a sweet picture with Lana Del Rey on his Instagram two weeks ago.

The fact that he peppers his feed with his girlfriend shows that he is fully invested in the relationship.

Check out the picture below:  

There may be another layer to James Franco and Lana Del Rey romance that we don’t know about.

The fact that she was around him a lot during Sony email hack when ‘‘The Interview’ actor fell ill may be the reason that James Franco may be so fond of ‘Ultraviolence’ singer.

James Franco recently opened up about how Sony email hack, which some say was triggered by the movie ‘The Interview’, made him sick.

He told the Guardian: “There was this pressure.

There was so much attention on it — attention on a level you never expected.

It was a shock to my system, and I got sick.

But I was never scared for my safety or anything.” But it looks like he is doing a lot better! The threesome scene in ‘I Am Michael’ may have distracted him away from all this Hollywood craziness.

He said, “I can’t even remember what happened.

I think I was going for it more than they were.” Do you think James Franco and Lana Del Rey will take their relationship to the next level? Let me know in the comments below!

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