Jaejoong Supported His Friend By Appearing On Gummy’s ‘I I YO’ Music Video

Jaejoong Supported His Friend By Appearing On Gummy's 'I I YO' Music Video

Jaejoong Supported His Friend By Appearing On Gummy's 'I I YO' Music Video

JYJ’s Jaejoong has been friends with Gummy for many years and recently he starred in Gummy’s new song music video. Jaejoong did really well having a battle inside a boxing ring for the music video. Before shooting the music video of Gummy’s new song “I I YO,” Jaejoong trained hard at the gym to build up his body for the battle scene in the boxing ring. As the result, the scene came out really well and many people praised his acting. He and Gummy have been friends for many years and it is so sweet seeing him supporting Gummy, AllKpop  reported.
Jaejoong was the original member of TVXQ who decided to leave the group with other two members and formed JYJ. They did music really well, especially Jaejoong who stood out the most as a solo singer. For his solo career, Jaejoong has released some hit songs and also held some concerts in Korea and outside Korea. He is doing well not only in singing but also in acting by starring in some dramas and movies. Jaejoong is known to be best friend with Gummy and they even had a duet together at Jaejoong’s concert back in October 2013. Jaejoong always got the spotlight when his concert tickets were always sold out within minutes. Recently, he held some concerts in Asian countries by the name “The REBIRTH of J” and he did really well singing some songs for his fans, Aacassiopeia  reported. He managed his concerts really well by hitting the high note really well and gave something new for the fans. Unfortunately, Jaejoong passed out during his concert in Taiwan after he finished singing “Good Morning Night” and the security checked on him immediately. Fans were really worried but it turned that he was lying to fool his fans on April’s Fool’s joke. Jaejoong will keep on doing music and his fans are always rooting for him to hear his sweet voice on stage. Read Next: BIGBANG’s T.O.P is Still Unconscious in ICU, Caused by Sedative Drug Overdose

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