IU Comeback Album News: IU Collaborates With Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk For Upcoming Album

IU Comeback Album News: IU  Collaborates With Hyukoh's Oh Hyuk For Upcoming Album

IU Comeback Album News: IU  Collaborates With Hyukoh's Oh Hyuk For Upcoming Album

IU is reportedly set for her comeback next month and fans are already eagerly awaiting what the talented singer will come up with. Latest information indicates that IU will be working with Oh Hyuk of the indie rock band Hyukoh. According to a report from Soompi , Loen Entertainment has officially announced that IU will be dropping her official comeback single on March 24. This means that there are only a few days left before her fans get to hear new music from IU.
While there have been rumors that the pre-release track will be the one that features Oh Hyuk, Leon has debunked claims and said that the March 24 track will be IU’s solo track. However, they did confirm that the Oh Hyuk collaboration will be included in the full album. The singer’s collaboration with Oh Hyuk is much anticipated by the fans because the contrast between Hyukoh’s signature style could add a different flavor to IU’s impressive vocals. It can be recalled that Hyukoh’s “Comes and Goes” became a sleeper hit when it came out beating BIG BANG and Girls’ Generation tracks that came out at the same time. Oh Hyuk, in an earlier interview with Noisey , shared that his inspiration for writing songs comes from experiences that people can relate to. Oh Hyuk is the main composer of Hyukoh and the rest of the band collaborate on all aspects of their hit songs. The group is known for mixing genres instead of focusing on one particular style. It can be recalled IU initially teased her comeback through her official fan café and said that her new song will be something that her female fans will really like. The report from All Kpop  also indicated that IU’s upcoming album will be completely self-produced and will come out next month

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