IU Album News: ‘Through The Night’ Achieves All-Kill, Reaches #1 On Melon Within 1 Hour Of Release

IU Album News: 'Through The Night' Achieves All-Kill

IU Album News: 'Through The Night' Achieves All-Kill, Reaches #1 On Melon Within 1 Hour Of Release

IU’s comeback album is on track to become a top seller when it comes out next month as its pre-release track “Through the Night” achieved an all-kill in all music charts in Korea. It seems that the singer/actress’ 1 ½ year hiatus from music made her fans all the more excited to hear her beautiful voice again. According to a report by Soompi , IU’s ‘Through The Night” reached #1 status in eight real-time charts — Melon, Bugs, Genie, Soribada, Naver, Mnet, olleh, and Monkey3. It went straight to #1 in Melon within an hour of its release. It can be recalled that Girl’s Generation Taeyeon’s “Fine” achieved all-kill within four hours when it came out last month.
IU’s Through the Night is a folk ballad song that depicts how a person would want to share how she feels about the person she loves in the quiet of the night. IU’s exceptional vocals shone through even more with the acoustic arrangement. Aside from “Through The Night”, IU is expected to release another pre-release track on April 7. Her full-length album, on the other hand, will come out on April 21. Fans who want to know what to expect from IU’s upcoming album will be glad to know that IU completely produced the album herself. She also collaborated with some of the most talented artists like Jay Park and indie rock bank Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk. IU has long wanted to collaborate with the artists because she admires their music. According to a report by Kpopmap , IU and Hyuk Oh first met at the music festival of the “Infinity Challenge” after both were invited as the show’s guiding musicians. Aside from writing great and heartfelt songs, Hyuk Oh’s voice is expected to blend perfectly with the IU’s strong vocals so fans are already excited to hear what they came up with.

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