Isabella Cruise, Nicole Kidman Not Really In Good Terms? Mother And Daughter’s Bruised Relationship Caused By Tom Cruise’s Scientology?

Isabella Cruise

Isabella Cruise, Nicole Kidman Not Really In Good Terms? Mother And Daughter's Bruised Relationship Caused By Tom Cruise's Scientology?

Isabella Cruise and Nicole Kidman have long been rumored to have a falling out when the actress left Scientology and divorced Tom Cruise.
But the new article from In Touch, as shared by CDL , claimed that there’s a lot of anger on the side of Isabella Cruise who thinks that her mother abandoned them.

And it didn’t help that Scientology leaders have reportedly been brainwashing Tom Cruise’s children.
“Isabella and Connor were reeducated by the church in to turning against Nicole so that Tom would be awarded full custody,” the source alleged. “It was made very clear to Nicole that Connor and Bella were Tom’s kids now.”
Nicole Kidman, meanwhile, still feels the guilt of leaving behind Connor and Isabella, instead of fighting Tom Cruise for custody.
“She lives with that every single day. The more time that passed, the more the divide came.”
But Nicole Kidman is allegedly hoping that she will patch things up with Connor and Isabella Cruise.
“She has already missed out on so much. The thought of them having children of their own and not being able to share that joy with them just breaks her heart. She prays that one day she will have a relationship with them again.”
As alleged proof of their tattered relationship, Isabella Cruise tied the knot with British Max Parker on Sept. 18 and Nicole Kidman wasn’t even invited.
“Surrounded by a handful of her friends, the 22-year-old wed her IT consultant boyfriend in a Scientologist ceremony at the Dorchester hotel in London last month, leaving Nicole to find out about it from the press,” said OK! .
People  claimed that Nicole Kidman is very happy with the wedding of Isabella Cruise.
“She is very happy for Bella,” the source claimed. “She, like all mothers, wants her child to be happy, and it surely seems Bella is very happy.”

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