Is There A Friendly Rivalry Between YG Boy Bands WINNER & iKON?

Is There A Friendly Rivalry Between YG Boy Bands WINNER & iKON?
Is There A Friendly Rivalry Between YG Boy Bands WINNER & iKON?

In a recent pictorial for The Star Magazine, rookie boy group WINNER shared their feelings about their YG Entertainment label-mates, iKON.

WINNER has garnered a large amount of attention since their official debut in August with their album 2014 S/S .

As the Mnet Asian Music Awards edge closer, WINNER has been holding their own in a couple categories against other immensely popular boy groups including SM Entertainment’s EXO and JYP Entertainment’s GOT7.

However, it seems as though some other friendly competition may be arising within their own respective label.  “[iKON’s debut] definitely makes us try harder,” the WINNER members said  during their interview with The Star when asked if they were worried about the new group’s approaching debut.

When asked about how they see fellow label mates, the members of WINNER responded matter-of-factly.

“To us, they are like a mirror,” the singer explained.

“Whenever we see them, they help us to look back or reflect upon ourselves.” The reminiscent feelings are not out of place for the WINNER members, who not too long ago were the winners of WIN: Who’s Next, YG’s self-produced competition show that narrowed down the company’s trainees to the five members ultimately selected to debut.

The seven members of iKON recently wrapped up a similar program titled MIX & MATCH, securing spots in the label’s newest boy band.

The past also comes into play for the band as they look forward to their future projects.

“Our first album had a lot of sentimental songs, but now we are working on more bright and fast-paced songs,” they said.

“We’ve only finished one album so far – there’s so much more to be done on the stage for us.”  With a lot of other things going on in their label, including the recent debut of two sub-units ( Hi Suhyun and  GD X Taeyang ) and the  upcoming second installment of the YG Hip-Hop Project , fans might have to wait a while longer before WINNER makes a comeback.

iKON, on the other hand, is scheduled to have their official debut in January .

In the meantime, WINNER has been preparing for the upcoming 2014 MAMAs as well as actively participating in endorsement campaigns for several brands including Adidas and Pizza Etang . 

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