Is Nicole’s Solo Debut The Latest ‘Controversial’ Comeback Of 2014?

Is Nicole's Solo Debut The Latest 'Controversial' Comeback Of 2014?
Is Nicole's Solo Debut The Latest 'Controversial' Comeback Of 2014?

With many comebacks such as Seo Taiji, MC Mong, and Roy Kim causing a stir this year, Nicole has become the latest singer to be labeled “controversial.”  Seo Taiji succeeded in changing his image completely through his comeback and MC Mong , who had stayed silent for many years made his comeback, dominating music charts.

Roy Kim who had brought up issues of plagiarism also made a successful comeback with his new album.

The last contestant is Nicole , who left DSP Media and KARA to become a solo singer.

But her time away from the public had become longer than anticipated, causing her fans worries.

Many also doubted if Nicole will really do well away from KARA.

Nicole’s first stage that was performed on November 19.

The producing team Sweet Tune did a wonderful job of enhancing Nicole’s charm, and Nicole was able to throw away the cute image she used to have to appeal with the sexy image.

During her showcase on November 19, Nicole said, “I learned singing all over again.

From level one, I learned to breathe all over again.

I tried singing the song in many different singing styles and really told myself that I’m going back to the beginning.” She continued, “I wanted to show my potential as a singer.

That’s something hard to do in a group but I wanted to become a solo singer who can raise expectations in people.”

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