Is Ji Chang Wook dating Girl’s Generation’s Yoona?

Is Ji Chang Wook dating Girl's Generation’s Yoona?

Is Ji Chang Wook dating Girl's Generation’s Yoona?

Many rumors are surfacing that two co-stars of the famous Korean drama “The K2” are dating. There was news about Ji Chang Wook dating Girl’s Generation member Yoona after finishing the drama. According to iTech Post , Ji Chang Wook and Yoona got close after filming their very intimate kissing scene. After filming the scene, Ji Chang Wook started forming a close relationship with co-star Yoona. Yoona revealed that it was actually one of the first scenes they had to shoot for.
Yoona also said that it was very awkward filming the kissing scenes, as the “The K2” co-stars did not know each other back then. However, the director persisted they become friends quick, so they bonded over coffee and was able to act comfortably. According to Yibada , the two got really close after bonding over their hobbies and talking about many things they have in common. They also talk about their past works and their philosophies in life. Because of Yoona and Chang Wook’s closeness, the viewers thought that the two would make a good couple in real life. However, Ji Chang Wook talked about his military service, since the actor is already 29 years old; the mandatory military service is coming near for him. He said that he is indeed interested to be in a relationship but he has to serve the country first before being in a relationship. He thinks that it was very unfair for his partner and him, if he will be in a relationship while doing his mandatory service. Before his military service, Ji Chang Wook will feature in “Seventh Kisses for the First Time” with many other big named actors. He has also been cast for the HBS drama series, Mr. Right, although the release date has yet to be announced. Meanwhile, Im Yoona will be starring with ZE: A’s Im Siwan in MBC’s upcoming drama, “The King Loves,” which is set to air in 2017. Watch their believable kissing scene from the “THE K2”!

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