Is Jessica Being Kicked Out Of Girls’ Generation? SNSD Will Now Promote As Eight Members

Is Jessica Being Kicked Out Of Girls' Generation? SNSD Will Now Promote As Eight Members
Is Jessica Being Kicked Out Of Girls' Generation? SNSD Will Now Promote As Eight Members

On September 30 KST, news began to break regarding Girls’ Generation Jessica and the possibility that she was being kicked out of the group.

While the details regarding the situation remain unclear, it is known that she did not depart for a fan meeting with China with the other eight members of Girls’ Generation.

[UPDATE (October 1, 2014): Jessica has released a statement confirming that she was forced out of the group by the other Girls’ Generation members and SM Entertainment.] While the news starting as a rumor early on September 30, it was later confirmed by SM Entertainment that Girls’ Generation would be promoting as an eight member group.

Through press release sent to major news outlets, SM Entertainment expressed their sadness regarding the situation with Jessica.

SM Entertainment stated, “This spring, Jessica told the company that due to a personal situation, she will be stopping team promotions after the end of one more album promotion.”   SM Entertainment then went on state that Girls’ Generation would be promoting as eight members and confirmed that the Weibo posts which appeared earlier in the day were in fact made by Jessica.  Rumors regarding Jessica began to emerge when a posts were made in both Korean and English to Jessica’s Weibo account   (Sy_Jessica) which eluded to friction within one of the most popular groups in K-Pop.

Her English post stated, “I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today I am no longer a member.

I’m devastated-my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justiable reason, I am being forced out.” Initial reports were dismissed by fans, with many attributing the Weibo posts to social media hackers.

However, fans began to express distress regarding the news as SM Entertainment delayed immediately releasing an officially statement to address the issue.

The story regarding Jessica took a turn, early on September 30.

Korean media outlet Newsen revealed that Jessica was not present at the airport when the other eight members of Girls’ Generation departed for a fan signing event in China.

As media photos of the eight members were released, Korean stock prices for SM Entertainment reportedly began to drop.

Rumors began to spiral regarding Jessica leading up to a report from Dispatch.

Prior to this report, there was even a rumor that she had met with the lawyer who handled JYJ’s contract dispute.

This lawyer has since denied meeting with Jessica.

The situation regarding Jessica, Girls’ Generation, and SM Entertainment took another turn when Korean tabloid Dispatch revealed that Jessica had arrived in Korea from New York around the same time as her rumored boyfriend Tyler Kwon.

The story was initially reported in English by media outlet Koreaboo .

Both Koreaboo and Allkpop reported exclusive statements from SM Entertainment which both stated that the agency was looking further into the incident.

According to Dispatch, Jessica was in New York to film her reality program “Jessica & Krystal.” Dispatch also stated that she was accompanied by Tyler Kwon during the trip.

Earlier in September, rumors emerged that Jessica was engaged to Tyler Kwon .

Tyler Kwon denied this rumor, while SM Entertainment stated that Tyler and Jessica were friends.

SM Entertainment also recently confirmed that  all nine members  of Girls’ Generation had renewed their contracts.

While Jessica will no longer be promoting with the group,  SM stated that Taetiseo will not be effected by this change.   Fans expressed sadness regarding the news, following SM Entertainment’s confirmation.

Will you miss the nine member Girls’ Generation? What do you think caused this change to occur? 

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